Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ok Ok i know i am so bad at this whole updating my blog but ill try to get better at it :-)
So Chris and I finally set a dat for the wedding!!
yay we will be getting married July 31st 2010! We have been engaged for almost a year, and having this long of an engagement was not part of our plans, but things happen and sometimes we have to make sacrifices ( even if its pushing back our wedding). We both understand that things happen for a reason and understand that its all in Gods timing.
We are counting down the days!! 235 more days!

Last week we decided that we were going to have dinner and a movie night at the "boys apartment". patato casarol, chicken and toy story = great night!
I am so glad that i brought my camera, so here are some of the pictures from that night!
me, ari and candice
The boys

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

long overdue!

OK.. so I've been slacking on this whole blogging thing for the past 5 months... but today i decided i needed to update! ;-)

So these past 5 months have been pretty crazy for Chris and I, we've had to deal with alot of unexpected things.
About 5 months ago on may 18, Chris little sister Sabrina was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, this is a fast growing cancer that attacks the blood cells. The first couple weeks we were still in shock of what was really going on and couldn't believe that from one moment to another all of our lives had changed.. just like that.
Its been 5 months now and she has been in and out of the hospital. She has gone through a series of very aggressive chemo and has had to deal with the loss of her hair, being stuck in a hospital room, not hanging out with her friends and going to school.
From the beginning we knew that Sabrina was going to need a BMT (bone marrow transplant) so on October 7 it was the beginning of Sabrina's new life! this day is considered her second birthday! we were all very excited and anxious for this day to finally appear!
here we all are on her "birthday"

So both me and Chris know that this is a situation the whole family has to go through, and that all we can do right now is wait and pray for her body to recover soon!
In the beginning when we found out what was going to happen and got an idea of how long Sabrina was going to be in the hospital, we both agreed that our plans had to be put aside for a bit.

We do still plan to get married next year, we are just not sure when. we do sit and try to plan out the small things or get more ideas of what we would both want on out big day!

so more about whats been going on in our lives!
About 3 months ago my brother finally came home after being in Australia for 2 years! i was so excited to have him back in the states. yes he does still get on my nerves and other times i just want to knock him out! but i guess i should be used to it, hes been doing it for the past 21 years!but i am still happy that he is back! when he came home he brought his girlfriend Christina to meet all of us! during the two weeks she was here in Cali, i was able to go to the city and have a photo shoot with them! here are some of the pics i took that day
so these aren't even half of them but i hope that you have enjoyed them ;-)

For the past month or so me and Chris have been going to crossroads college group and i LOVE it! we haven't been a part of any group that is our age for a long time so i am so happy that we are find such a wonderful group! Shane, Tim and Erin do such a good job as our speakers and i love that we begin with worship!
The girls bible study is awesome! and I'm glad that we meet every week. This is exactly what i need in my life to keep myself accountable to God and his word! I love the relationship that i have started with these group of girls! i know that this is only the beginning and its only going to keep growing! you guys are awesome!
This week we just started reading the book by Francis Chan crazy love. I know out of the girls in my bible study I'm not the only one who is excited! ;-)
* this time i promise i wont wait 5 months to blog again!

Friday, May 15, 2009

so cal / graduation!!

last weekend me and my family went down to riverside to go see my sister graduate from CBU! we were all very excited for her! we got to spend time with friends and family! my brother was able to fly up her for a short visit and we were all very happy about that! everybody at the grad.. it was so freakin hott!!!this is davey my sisters BF.. hehe.. hes alright.. jk jk.. hes really nice and cool!i love my husband to be!! eeeeethese are my cousins who were able to fly up here from colorado! we had a blast with them!!my sister and brother!! i love them!yay!!! she did it!! so there was alot more pics but there was to much to put up here but this was pretty much our trip down there!!


my sister came up to visit us on her spring break! and she was telling me how she needed to take her grad pictures! so i told her that i would do them for her! so here are some pics from the photoshoot!

i had a lot of fun taking her pics! she made me laugh!

Rugby!.. ouch!

i know i know im pretty bad at this whole blogging thing.. but ill try to get better! :-)
so chris played rugby when he was in highschool and he hadnt done it since then so he decided to do it again this year! and he had a BLAST! he loves being able to tackle people! and i love watching! hehe

they did go to playoffs! but they didnt win.. which was a big bummer!

theres always next season!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 years!

A couple weeks ago me and chris celebrated 4 years together. we started dating when we were both juniors in highschool! crazy i know!
we celebrated our anniversary by going to the city and going out to dinner, we had a great time being out and enjoying each others company!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Engagment day!

The day after christmas, chris planned for us to have dinner with his best friend josh and his wife lindsey. Chris had spent the whole morning shopping for the perfect ring with them. They had to come up with a story to tell me about why we had to stop on our way to dinner. Me and chris waited in the car while josh and lindsey ran in to pick up the ring for chris. Lindsey hid it in her purse while i had absolutly no idea what was happening! we went out to dinner with our friends and had a great time! After dinner me and chris and josh and lindsey took a little side trip to the golden gate bridge. When we got to the cliff i wanted to keep following josh and lindsey so we could take pictures but chris asked me to stay back so we could enjoy the view together. After a moment he began to tell me how much he loved me and how much ive meant to him these past 3 years :-) Chris then began to take the ring out of his pocket but at his attempt to be smooth the ring box got caught in his pocket which made me look at him funny. Finally he got it out and got down on one knee and proposed!! it took me a while to realize what was happening! but after a moment of surprize i said yes!
so here are some pictures of the day we got engaged!!

we had an engagement toast! were facing the computer because my brother was on the webcam
we called my brother to tell him the great news!
my beautiful ring!... (which by the way he did a very good job on :-) )
chris and my dad!
this is my dad checking out the ring... making sure its real
me and my sister right after we told them.... and after she screamed!
this is our first picture right after chris proposed!

me and chris waiting in the car for our friends josh and lindsey... they were picking up the ring!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My name is brenda. His name is chris. And together we are Bren and Chris. In 2010, we will become the Carters, and we couldn't be more excited for that to come, but we have a lot to do before we get there. So we begin this blog so that we can take our friends and family along with us as we journey through the the following year and a half as we prepare to become man and wife. We are also glad the story won't end there, we'll still have so much to say as we adventure through life as a married couple... but let's not get ahead of ourselves, we're sure to encounter some interesting things along the way.