Thursday, March 5, 2009

Engagment day!

The day after christmas, chris planned for us to have dinner with his best friend josh and his wife lindsey. Chris had spent the whole morning shopping for the perfect ring with them. They had to come up with a story to tell me about why we had to stop on our way to dinner. Me and chris waited in the car while josh and lindsey ran in to pick up the ring for chris. Lindsey hid it in her purse while i had absolutly no idea what was happening! we went out to dinner with our friends and had a great time! After dinner me and chris and josh and lindsey took a little side trip to the golden gate bridge. When we got to the cliff i wanted to keep following josh and lindsey so we could take pictures but chris asked me to stay back so we could enjoy the view together. After a moment he began to tell me how much he loved me and how much ive meant to him these past 3 years :-) Chris then began to take the ring out of his pocket but at his attempt to be smooth the ring box got caught in his pocket which made me look at him funny. Finally he got it out and got down on one knee and proposed!! it took me a while to realize what was happening! but after a moment of surprize i said yes!
so here are some pictures of the day we got engaged!!

we had an engagement toast! were facing the computer because my brother was on the webcam
we called my brother to tell him the great news!
my beautiful ring!... (which by the way he did a very good job on :-) )
chris and my dad!
this is my dad checking out the ring... making sure its real
me and my sister right after we told them.... and after she screamed!
this is our first picture right after chris proposed!

me and chris waiting in the car for our friends josh and lindsey... they were picking up the ring!


  1. oh sister!!!
    I'm so happy for you guys.
    I wish i could be home with you guys
    but thats ok.
    I love you both.

  2. oh my gosh.. i giggled the entire time reading this.. lol. and then i got all teary eyed... what a great day!!!! seriously!

  3. So I'm a few months late but I totally loved the story. So cute! And you guys are so sweet! I am really glad to be able to get to know you more!