Friday, May 15, 2009

so cal / graduation!!

last weekend me and my family went down to riverside to go see my sister graduate from CBU! we were all very excited for her! we got to spend time with friends and family! my brother was able to fly up her for a short visit and we were all very happy about that! everybody at the grad.. it was so freakin hott!!!this is davey my sisters BF.. hehe.. hes alright.. jk jk.. hes really nice and cool!i love my husband to be!! eeeeethese are my cousins who were able to fly up here from colorado! we had a blast with them!!my sister and brother!! i love them!yay!!! she did it!! so there was alot more pics but there was to much to put up here but this was pretty much our trip down there!!


my sister came up to visit us on her spring break! and she was telling me how she needed to take her grad pictures! so i told her that i would do them for her! so here are some pics from the photoshoot!

i had a lot of fun taking her pics! she made me laugh!

Rugby!.. ouch!

i know i know im pretty bad at this whole blogging thing.. but ill try to get better! :-)
so chris played rugby when he was in highschool and he hadnt done it since then so he decided to do it again this year! and he had a BLAST! he loves being able to tackle people! and i love watching! hehe

they did go to playoffs! but they didnt win.. which was a big bummer!

theres always next season!